Imagine a poker room, where a host provides you with detailed analysis of each table available. He points out every player, their playing style, and skill level. Using his extensive experience he finds the most profitable one for you, and grabs you a seat. Introducing LobbyEdge, your modern age Online Poker Room Host.
  • Fully Integated with Poker-Edge
  • Proprietary Rating System to Rank Softest Tables
  • Automatic One Click Table Opening (excluding Merge and Cake Tables)
  • Advanced Filtering for Quick Table Finding
  • Multi Poker Site Search Capabilities
  • Buddy List Stalks Your Favorite Opponents

What Is LobbyEdge?

LobbyEdge is the most advanced Table Selection Tool and Buddy List. The Table Finder plugs into the Poker-Edge software’s massive player database and maximizes your profits by helping you select the best table to sit at. The Buddy List keeps track of your friends, foes, and favorite fish. You are able to see when and where they are playing, as well as keep centralized notes on them.

How Do I Try LobbyEdge?

The latest version of the Poker-Edge Software is packaged with a Free Trial of the LobbyEdge plug-in. Download Here.

How Do I Purchase LobbyEdge?

LobbyEdge is unlocked with a one-time payment and is available to you as long as you have an active Poker-Edge subscription. New customers will need to first purchase a subscription of the Poker-Edge Software. Click here to subscribe to Poker-Edge, and you will have the option to add the LobbyEdge Plugin.