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Here at Poker-Edge.Com, we specialize in collecting data and statistics on the players and tables at various Poker Sites. We boast the world’s largest database of player statistics and betting histories that spans 100+ poker sites. With this vital information, we are able to monitor the quality of tables and players across numerous poker sites. Due to confidentiality agreements with some of our clients, we cannot disclose certain data to the public. However, here is an informative summary of the recent trends among the popular poker sites.

How are these numbers calculated?
The Players Online number is the number of players that the site reports is online averaged by hour. To calculate Tight Players, we use our default Poker-Edge rating system which includes players with VP$IP less than 22%. Similarly Loose Players, are categorized by VP$IP greater than 33%. Tight and Loose Players are shown as a percentage of the players sampled. Our data is sampled by monitoring 10-person ring games at medium stakes Limit and No Limit tables. The numbers shown reflect the data captured after the weekend that the bill was passed (post 10/2/2006). The Percent Changed shown in ( ) reflects the change in average data from before the bill was passed (prior to 9/30/2006) when compared to average data captured from after the bill was passed (10/2 to 10/5).

Our Analysis 
The sites that have publicly announced suspension of US business have already seen a decline in player activity. Party, Pacific and Titan have seen the biggest decline since they recently emailed their American players informing them that US business has been suspended. On the other hand, sites that announced they will continue to do US business have seen an increase in player activity. This only makes sense because all new players are naturally funnelled towards these sites. Fulltilt Poker in particular has shown a large increase in the percentage of loose players at their tables. This is likely due to their aggressive marketing and their fabulous new player deposit bonus of 100% up to $600 on the first deposit! This is our current site of choice, and Poker-Edge support for FullTilt has just been released to the public.

Updated: November 15, 2018 — 1:23 pm
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