The Only Poker Software You Need

Poker-Edge 5 is packed with powerful features to maximize your win rate. Every aspect of the Poker-Edge software is designed to give you the most relevant information with the least amount of user effort. This allows you to focus on making better decisions and winning more money!

  • Feature Packed! Combines 5+ Poker Tools into One
  • Easy to Use, Simple Setup – Download, Install, Win!
  • Optimized for Multi Tabling
  • Fastest and Most Powerful Poker Tool on the Market
  • Cash Game and Tournament Support on 60+ Sites

Under the Hood of Poker-Edge 5

Massive Database

Central database grows by 10+ Million hands per day.

At the core of Poker-Edge 5 is our unparalleled central database. The database already contains billions of hands and grows by over 10+ Million per day. This data fuels the other features of Poker-Edge allowing you to see the deepest and most accurate statistics on any player.

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HUD (Heads Up Display)

Progressive HUD delivers most relevant information while you play.

Poker-Edge has the most advanced HUD on the market. Our HUD automatically recognizes your opponents and INSTANTLY overlays the most relevant statistics next to their name at the table. Our HUD “States” technology allows you to see different statistics on your HUD as the hand progresses from preflop to the flop, turn and river. The states can be set to change automatically or manually, and you can even setup your own “Custom” state. This allows you to fit 5 times as much information, without consuming any additional real estate on the poker table!

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Detailed Player Reports

In-Depth analysis on any player, including yourself.

Detailed Player Reports show you a full analysis of any player. Statistics and Graphs are fully filterable by time, stake, tournament M, and number of players at table. Report includes statistics by street, positional analysis, graphs, recent showdowns, hand replays, and more.

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